I need my order urgent, can i arrange for self-pickup?

Yes. your item will be available on the next day after you completed the order. Simply reach out to us via email/inbox if you wish to proceed with this option.

What should I expect after I placed my order?

Upon order completion, you will receive email order confirmation. As for the delivery process, it will take up to 5-7 working days for ready stock items. For pre-order items, please refer on each of the product page. It might be different for every product.

Where can I check my tracking number?

Tracking number will be automatically sent via email/SMS from eFMX courier. You shall receive tracking number 5-7 working days after you placed the order. If you have any concerns, please email to support@jovileather.com

What if I am not pleased with my order?

Returns and exchanges must be made within the guidelines in our return policy. All returns/exchanges of online orders must have supporting evidences to backup the claim and must be returned within 30 days from the day the order was shipped.  Please take note, Free Gifts are non-refundable, returnable or exchangeable.

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What if I need to amend my order details after I place the order?

Please email to our customer service (within 6 hours) at support@jovileather.com for assistance.


How does RFID anti-theft feature works?

Our wallets are designed with RFID Protection layer to prevent from money skimming. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification; this is the chip where information and data are stored. The illegal use of RFID scanner will lead to activities such as credit card fraud or identity theft. RFID Anti-Theft layer will prevent this from happening.


I am buying this as a gift, will the recipient receive the invoice too?

Invoice will only be issued via email, and will not be enclosed in a parcel.


How long does my order covered under warranty?

Every item has a different warranty period, range from 30 Days to 369 Days. This information can be found in each product page.


What is covered & not covered under warranty?

The warranty includes only the leather material and metal hardware pieces. Some examples are; leather peeling, discolouration and broken metal hardware.  The warranty does not include the material other than leather, scratches on leather due to usage and scratches on metal hardware.


Special Covid-19 Measures

The leathers used are vulnerable to liquid damage. They can be especially vulnerable to hand sanitizer due to the alcohol. When using hand sanitizer, we recommend you wait until your hands are 100% dry before touching your JOVI products.


Can I change my item after Order?

Yes you are allowed to make changes to your order items (within 2 hours). However, refund will not be issued if you decided to change to much lower price. Please email to us for this matter.

I Didn't find the anwers I was looking for. What should I do?

Kindly email us at support@jovileather.com for your queries, and we will respond in 24 hours.